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  1. Riyadh Guides Says:

    The Riyadh Guide for Yummy Yummy – is a web-based service that will guide people to all restaurants located in Riyadh city, via Riyadh Guide we will provide all information related to restaurant such as locations, phone numbers and pictures. Members can post their reviews, comments and photos to their favorite restaurants. Registered restaurants can manage their own restaurant page contents, add their news and offers, and contact members via restaurant inbox and newsletters. The idea behind the Riyadh Guide for Yummy Yummy started almost 1 year ago as an online group that attracted people interested in all kinds of restaurants around Riyadh The Group now has over 2800 devoted members and over 2000 restaurant pictures all added by the members.

  2. Saad Says:


    Nice job on the website! You have a good sense of direction.
    We are working on a similar web portal called
    This is aimed to be the largest online web portal for the Riyadh City.
    The website has been uploaded for a beta version,we are still working on improving it.
    Im sure we can work together on a few things which will benefit both our websites.
    Contact me if you are interested.

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